Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekend Things

Description unavailableImage by *Zara via Flickr I added Friend #100 on facebook. I threw her a party on her wall, with imaginary balloons, streamers, and confetti - and gave her a lifetime pass to my facebook profile. Not as good as a cash prize, but not too shabby, right?

Cory was all excited Saturday because he got to co-host some Internet tv show and tell a story. Everyone liked his story, and he thought it was one of the best things that ever happened to him - or something like that.

Cory had to work at the zoo today, so Jeffrey and I took him to work and then messed around all day. We didn't really have any plans so we ended up at Best Buy looking at laptops and cameras and then went to the mall and walked around. We didn't buy anything but lunch, movie tickets, and some coffee at Starbucks. We learned that, if you can buy chicken Teriyaki and add double meat for 99¢, you should do that and only buy one plate, get two forks and share. Wow, that was a lot of food! But it sure was good.

We saw the Nicolas Cage movie Bangkok Dangerous. I enjoyed it because, well - Nicolas Cage. Plenty of action and people getting killed and stuff...

Then we went to Kohl's because Jeffrey had a 20% off coupon. We picked out some shoes, got to the register, and found out the sale starts Wednesday - so we walked out without the shoes. 20%, I liked the shoes. No 20% off, I can live without them.

After Cory got off work at 5pm, we picked him up at the zoo and headed home. Jeffrey's brother, Kirk, called to say that he was in town but couldn't find our house. So Jeffrey gave him directions, and he was here when we got home. We ordered pizza from Dominos, and the boys have been in the basement all night watching football on the big screen and figuring out where they're going tomorrow. They're going looking for motorcycles for Kirk, so they have to plan out their agenda so they can hit as many motorcycle shops as possible. Fun, huh?

Beth got home from work with a big bag of stuff she bought - including those frames I mentioned earlier, and she put her pictures in the frames. So now they're all sitting on the table, and they do look nice. I really need to make ask her nicely persuade beg her to let me take some more pictures, because we don't have enough pictures for everybody. The grandparents are going to end up with wallets, I think, unless we take and print some more.

And now, I need to get to bed because morning just comes too early, and it's darker these days, too.

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  1. You're a popular girl it 100 friends on Facebook!

    Oh yeah, Nicholas Cage is H-O-T!!!

  2. A job at the Zoo?!! That sounds like fun. Does he like it?

    Happy Monday!! :)


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