Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Pictures are Back

I need to get Beth's senior pictures cut apart. Jeffrey and the kids picked them up Friday, and they're still sitting there in the package they came in. They did turn out pretty nice, but you would think that for the kind of money we paid, they'd come already cut apart. All those wallets! My hand is tired just thinking about it. But, now that school has started again, I'm sure Beth will be wanting to take some to school and pass them out to all her friends. She needs to choose one for the yearbook and take that in, too.

Since I have 11x13 frames for the kids' pictures in the hallway, I was planning to get some kind of mat so I can use the same frame for one of the 8x10 pictures, but Beth said not to. She's already got some custom picture frames picked out at work for the pictures - one for us, and some for her and Kayla to put theirs in. She gets 20% off at work this coming weekend, so she's planning to buy them then.

We also got a DVD with our picture order, a supposed $300 value (or at least that's what I think she said). I am not very impressed with that DVD at all. It's a slideshow of all the photos they took, set to music. The pictures don't seem very clear, and the music is irritating. Also, there's no way to take the pictures or the slideshow off the DVD, so I can't show you any of the pictures. Grandparents, you should be getting a 5x7. The rest of you will just have to imagine how totally gorgeous my daughter is, or just look at the header.

Now, if she had let me take her pictures, I could share those.

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  1. ok caught up now pictures I have ot ask this,,, WHY do they do them NOW???? it is early in the year and by the time they really graduate their hair is so differant and they look nothing like the pictures... ok enough on that one.... I got one this year and on next then I AM DONE!! thank goodness I am tired.

  2. Wow, a senior, where does time go? soon we are going to have empty nests you know that...
    Then maybe we can get together.
    Beth is so lovely.


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