Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update on my Walgreens Rebate

I found out today that, if I forget to submit my rebates at the end of the month and Walgreens has to do it for me, they will issue a rebate check instead of putting it on a gift card. I thought that it would automatically go onto my last gift card, but instead I will be getting a check in the mail.

What this means is that I do not get my 10% bonus, which would have been around $2. I still come out even, since the Pert Plus was free after rebate, and I used a $2 coupon. Still, I like it better when they end up paying me to shop there.

The good thing is that Walgreens processed my rebate, and I will be getting $20.76 in the mail. In the future I will finalize and submit my own rebates and claim my 10% bonus.

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  1. I forgot to process mine before the date and they went ahead and did it for me and put in on my card with the 10%. Wonder why they didn't you too?


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