Monday, September 15, 2008

Quality Clothes at a Discount Price

If Beth didn't have to work, she'd probably live in jeans. In high school, it's important to have the right jeans, or so she says. Before she got into Middle School, she was happy with the clothes we bought at Goodwill, but then it just wasn't good enough to buy Discount Clothes. She had to buy her clothes from a real store, or she wouldn't be popular enough, or other kids would make fun of her, or something. Kids can be so picky and judgmental.

Luckily, Beth hasn't gotten completely hung up on brand-name, designer jeans, and if she can get a good-looking pair of Cheap Jeans, she'll be happy. She has found some she really likes for around $25 a pair, so that's not horrible, but I'll have to send her a link to Heavenly Couture. They have high quality designer Teen Clothes, and nothing costs more than $17.95. Right now all the jeans are on sale for $13.80 - so she could almost get two pair for the same price she's been paying for one.

I checked out some of the jeans, and found a pair or two I'd like. I really like the white pair here, but Beth would probably rather have a nice blue denim. Definitely not the new skinny jean, but Heavenly Couture has those too, in case she ever changes her mind about them. She'd also probably like this cute denim skirt - only $17.95.

If you have a teenager who just has to dress in the lastest styles, you'll want to check out Heavenly Couture, too. Designer clothes at up to 85% off retail. It's hard to argue with that. Besides the jeans, they have dresses, tops, sweaters, skirts, loungwear, shoes, and accessories. Forget the teenagers. I'm shopping for me!


  1. I haven't tagged you with a meme in a while so I'm tagging you now. It's at Mom Knows Everything. :o)

  2. I have some more to add. If you go to (An American Apparel Wholesaler) and choose an item and then hit the wholesale button at the bottom, you get 50% sweats, shirts and dresses. These usually ship in about 3 days.


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