Friday, September 12, 2008

Personalized Photo Cards

Beth just got voter registration information in the mail today. She's going to be 18 next week - old enough to vote. Unbelievable!

Before we know it, it will be time to send out a Wedding Announcement, she's growing up so fast. There better be a few steps in between there, like at least high school graduation announcements. has lots of fresh and unique designs for holiday cards, birth announcements, wedding announcements, and more. I didn't find a category for graduation announcements, but I'll keep looking. Some of these other cards can probably be customized and made to be graduation cards. They do have some really cute holiday cards.

You make the cards personal by submitting your own photos, up to four on some of the designs. Simply choose your card, type in your text, submit your order, and upload your photos. In two business days, or less, they will email you a link to a proof page, and nothing actually gets printed until you approve it. Once approved, your cards are printed and shipped within two business days.

Sounds easy, huh? And you can be sure no one else will be sending the same card you are!

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  1. so is she watching this election process to vote for the first time? Happy early birthday to her. My oldest just started his first day of work today.


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