Sunday, September 21, 2008


A Picture of a Picture TakerImage by bcmom via FlickrWe stopped at a Kmart on the way home last night, because Cory wanted to check the book price there and just look around. We don't get Kmart ads in our Sunday paper any more, so we rarely go there. I figure, if they don't want to tell me what their specials are, then they really don't want me to shop in their store very badly, do they?

The book price wasn't any better there, but while we were there, we happened to see a digital camera on clearance for $50, so had to check it out. Reading the specs, it looked like it would work for what Cory wants - a smaller camera he can carry around with him for shooting his videos. Since he's a 'rising YouTube star' we've got to make sure he has the proper tools, right? Then, since Beth had mentioned she would like a little camera, too, we decided to get her one. Being that she's the one who just had a birthday, we figured we'd hear it if we got Cory a camera and didn't get her one.

So, we grabbed two, and then they rang up at $25, instead of $50 - so we decided to grab another one. Then, when we got home, Cory tested it out, and the video is good, but the audio was not good at all. We never really thought about the audio, just checked to be sure it would shoot good video. So, Cory decided that camera wouldn't work for him, since he mainly wanted it for videos. For what Beth wants, though, it will be OK. It's this camera, here. Not the best camera in the world, but for $25 pretty great.

Cory and Jeffrey went to Walmart today - after Cory had called and asked them if they had Brisingr, and they told him NO, in no uncertain terms. It was in the Target ad for $15-something, so he took the ad, just in case. They did have the book, and they matched to Target price, so the Kmart book will be going back - actually the unread Walmart book with the Kmart dust jacket will be going back. They also came home with a new camera for Cory - not quite as cheap as the other one, but this one should work, at least judging by the tests that he did.

So Jeffrey will be going back to Kmart to return a camera, actually 2 cameras because he decided he didn't really need one, and a book this week.

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  1. Wow, that's a great deal on those cameras. I checked out the link and it looks pretty cool. I have an ancient cyber shot and want a new camera so bad! Maybe I'll splurge at tax time.

  2. Oh my, I got confused reading this one : ) I'll have to read it again and check out the camera...

  3. That's really good for a camera! My camera cost three times as much as my daughters and mine has no sound on it. I use her's to take videos.


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