Friday, September 12, 2008

This Does Not Look Good

We have a football game to go to tonight. Cory has to play in the band, and I'm supposed to help sell stuff with Band Boosters. What doesn't look good is that it is raining now.

(I don' t think we'll have to worry about lightning, but look at that picture!)

I do not look forward to being outside, in the rain. Let's all hope this passes over before game time, and I should probably grab a towel or two so we can wipe the bleachers off.


  1. I hope the rain stayed away and everyone stayed dry! There is nothing worse then sitting on wet bleachers.

    I will be thinking of ya!

  2. It's been raining all day here...glad w don't have to go to the game tonight. But DD wants us to come up to her game tomorrow at college and it is supposed to be raining then too. Yuk. At least it is in the afternoon. and near the outlet mall. if it rains too hard, we are going shopping ; )


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