Monday, September 08, 2008

Not an Energy Drink at All

My last post was a sponsored post. At least I thought it was a sponsored post. Then tonight I got an email telling me that they were unable to approve my post because the advertiser is not affiliated with energy drinks. That had me really confused, because the link I copied from the Opp page took me to a page that was all about energy drinks. I couldn't imagine what else it could be about.

So, I clicked the link in my post - and it took me to an entirely different site. (picture raised eyebrows here) - So I went to the edit post page, with all the information, and copied the link info again, pasted it into my browser, and it took me to the new site - that site I hadn't seen before. The link I had earlier, (not the required link, the one in the info) took me to a site about energy drinks. If I had typed the url in, I would think that maybe I had made a mistake, but I always just copy and paste, because it's so much easier. Still, I feel like I did it wrong, and I hate that.

I'm leaving the post up - because I actually like the idea of those energy drink vodka shots - because I'm crazy like that. You'll just have to read the next post to see what I was actually supposed to write about.