Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Need a New Tip

I'm just a little frustrated now. I ordered this very cool looking car charger from Buy.com. It came with 5 different tips you can change to charge different things like mobile phones and MP3 players. Reading through the list I thought it would charge my phone and Cory's phone, so I ordered it.

It came today, and there is no tip for my phone. So I went back and read the product page on Buy.com. Sure enough, it says it works for the Motorola ROKR - and then on the next line is the number E2. I didn't even think about the number. I just saw ROKR and thought it would work with my phone. No such luck - mine is a ROKR Z6m - totally different tip.

So, now I'm looking to see how much it will cost me to get a tip that will work. So far my best deal is $7.49 which includes shipping, and it looks like just getting a charger that will work with my phone and nothing else would cost more than the charger I already got plus the new tip. I do like the idea of this charger, because you can have just one charger and then get different tips depending on the devices you want to charge. They're sold out at Buy.com right now, but hopefully they'll get more, if anyone's interested. Just be sure to read the list carefully to be sure you're getting a tip that will work with your device, or visit the manufacture's website to see which tip you'd need.

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