Friday, September 26, 2008

The Law of Teen Food Needs Wants

This photograph shows two pink grapefruits (Ci...Image via WikipediaIf you have plenty of whatever they like in the house, they will suddenly stop eating it. If you are running low, they will eat it like crazy, and if you have none, they will complain.

Beth likes English muffins for breakfast. We have plenty. She doesn't eat them anymore.

Beth likes grapefruit, but when I get a good deal and buy lots - she stops eating them.

When we're low on milk, both kids decide they need huge glasses of milk with dinner. I can't argue with that. They're growing kids (at least Cory is) and they need their milk. But, if we have lots of milk, they stop drinking it and I find myself looking for ways to use it so it doesn't go bad and go to waste.

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