Friday, September 26, 2008

A Good Way to Spend the Football Game

Jeffrey, Cory and I spent the evening helping to run the concession stand for the football game tonight. Usually the band plays, though this year they are only performing at halftime during the Homecoming game. A big portion of the band wasn't going to be there tonight, because of a Cross Country meet, so the band didn't play. That turned out to be a good thing, because our Band Boosters president signed us up to run the concession stand.

We offered any band students who wanted to the opportunity to help and get trip credit. We had 4 students sign up to help - so with the 4 students and some parents, we ran the concessions for the whole game. We originally thought there would be 2 shifts - open to half-time and after half-time to close - but it was an all night thing. That's OK. We had fun.

Now I have a cash box full of money to count to see what kind of profit we made. We were busy the whole night, so I hope it's good. Cory said he had more fun than he would have just watching the game. Me too. I'm not a big sports person. Have I told you that before? And our team lost big time. But we sold lots of hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, soda, Gator-ade, and candy. (How do you spell Gator-ade?) and I might or might not be good at giving change for "2 hot dogs, a water, and 3 Airheads."

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  1. That sounds like fun to me, too. I am not a sports fan in the slightest, so helping that way would be perfect for me. Maybe I need to do some volunteering at my kids school!

  2. I used to work the concession stand at the games too. I enjoyed it and it made the evening FLY by.


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