Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why I Love Walgreens

I got an email today from the Walgreens EasySaver Club (their rebate program). It says:
Dear Anna,

Our records show you entered rebate information for the Easy Saver August 2008, but did not redeem it prior to the 09/06/08 expiration date.

As a courtesy to you, we processed your eligible rebates to redeem as a Walgreens gift card. You should receive the following within two to three weeks:

Cash Back Offers

Offer Product Rebate

2 Chc Liv Sol Vacuum Bag $5.99

4 bioINFUSION Hair Care $5.99

6 jane.Be Pure Mineral $4.99

7 Pert Plus 2 in 1 $3.79

Sub-Total Rebate $20.76

Walgreens Gift Card Bonus $0.00

Total Rebate $20.76
- emphasis mine where they say 'as a courtesy to you.'

I love shopping at Walgreens, mostly because of their rebates, and especially because of the FREE after rebate items. I was even more excited recently when they updated the system so that I don't even have to mail my rebates in any more. All I have to do is log in to the Walgreens site and enter a number from my receipt. Then, at the end of the month, I can submit the rebates, finalizing everything and choosing how I would like to receive my rebate. I always choose a Walgreens gift card, because they add an extra 10% to my rebate - so I have more money to spend at Walgreens!

What's even nicer about this is that, if I forget to go back and submit the rebate for the receipts I've entered, like I obviously did this month, Walgreens does it for me! I didn't mean to forget, but it's so nice to know that Walgreens will take care of me if I do.

I know some people don't like doing rebates because it sometimes seems like more of a hassle than it's worth. You have to make sure you do everything right. You have to keep track of when you mailed the rebate forms and whether or not you've received your rebates, and sometimes have to call multiple times to track the rebates down. It's refreshing to see a company that handles rebates differently, a company that wants you to receive your rebates. Thank you, Walgreens!

Now, if I can just figure out why I didn't get a rebate for weight loss pills. Oh, yeah, I didn't buy any weight loss pills. Walgreens is good, but they only give you rebates for the things you actually buy.