Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Son the (High School) Musical Star

Oliver!Image via WikipediaCory will be performing in the school musical in November. They're doing Oliver!, which I've never seen. I don't even know the story. Is that bad? All I know is that Cory is playing Bill Sikes, he gets to kill someone, and in the end (*Spoiler Alert!*) he dies.

He also gets to sing. He wasn't completely sure about going out for the musical because of the singing, but he did because he loves the acting. Besides, he's always going around here singing songs from musicals - currently it's The Producers, and before that it was Sweeney Todd. So, he tried out, and the choir teacher told him he can sing. She ought to know, right?

I'm going to have to read this just to find out what the musical is about, and maybe I'll request the movie from the library, too so we can watch it ahead of time. Of course, since Jeffrey is planning to run the sound, and Cory is in the musical, I will get to see it at least four times by the time we're finished.
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  1. I bet he's going to be great! Fron what you've written about him, he seems born for this!

  2. I ma glad I am not the only one with a kid who loves these things... My baby loves it and has been workign on a plan and I suck as a mom cause I forget what one it is,,,, sorry I will let ya know not that you need to.....

    BUT here is my plan on the house thing,,, I am goign to PACK/STORE/GET RID OF,,, all of one cup/glass/plate/fork/knife/spoon per person plus 3. THEN WE WILL SEE WHAT THEY DO HUH,,,,,, I will let ya know how it goes

  3. Congratulations Cory! You should see if you can take a video of him playing the part. We all would love to see it!

  4. Good Luck Cory! The only thing I know about Oliver is that line" please sir may i have some more". No clue what he even wants more of lol. And heck i may not even have the right Oliver anyway, Go figure.

  5. Congratulations!

    Did you ever see Disney's Oliver and Company? It is loosley based on Liver.

  6. Congrats to Cory and as the old saying goes 'break a leg' (no broke bones though


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