Monday, September 15, 2008

Heads or Tails - Recipe

This week's theme/prompt is:

HEADS - Recipe

I shared a few breakfast recipes already today. If you didn't see those, check out my Give Me 5 post.

What I really wanted to say is that I believe recipes are sort of like the Pirate Code, more like suggestions really than actual rules. I use them to get a basic idea of what I want to fix, kind of like a jumping off point. My problem is that I don't always rarely ever actually write down what I actually did. So, when I come up with something particularly good, the chances that I can repeat that exact dish ever again aren't very good. Then again, there are so many recipes, it almost seems a shame to make the same thing twice, right?

I have been trying to do better about writing my notes on my recipes or in my cookbooks, because when I find something everybody likes, I really do want to make it again. Because there aren't that many things everybody likes.

Heads or Tails is a fun weekly meme hosted by Skittles.


  1. lol im like that. i can never get it back to that time it was jus right even if i do it exactly same. how weird is that!

  2. I like the way you see recipes there - something to work on, to improve.

  3. I rarely use recipes. I cook like you do.. and have the same problem about remembering what I did! :)

    It's so much fun experimenting. When my kids were younger I would tell them we were having "I don't know" for dinner because I had made something up.

  4. I don't use recipes either....and hubby still marvels that my food actually comes out looking like it's supposed to. rofl.

    You and me, we're both of the same heart. We know we can cook, why use a recipe? Right?

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I know about the changing things up problem and not ever being able to repeat it! It actually drives me a little insane. I have a Betty Crocker Cookbook my mom gave me when I got married 26 years ago and if you open it up..I have scribbled and added notes to everything!

  6. When this happens to me I try to remember by feel and body memory. Weird, huh? But it actually works! I've done it so often that I, who barely ever cooks anything safe enough to eat, have two recipes that are "secrets" that others want.


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