Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Feb 25th- peanut butter cookiesImage by crunchcandy via FlickrAre you the kind of mom who bakes cookies all the time so the kids can have milk and cookies when they get home from school? Or are you the kind of mom who only bakes Christmas cookies and cookies the rest of the year come from a package?

It just always strikes me as weird interesting that some baking supplies seem to be seasonal items - on sale from before Thanksgiving until after Christmas and then harder to find or definitely not on sale. Maybe it's just some of the things I like to get at Aldi's?

Speaking of cookies - I have some peanut butter cookie dough in the fridge that I need to bake. It's not a pie, but since Fred is coming to visit, and he likes peanut butter everything, I thought he might appreciate them.
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  1. The only thing better than fresh baked peanut butter cookies are fresh baked chocolate chip ones!

  2. Actually I am or was neither of those type of mothers. I home schooled and one of the first lessons was how to make cookies and once they had that down they knew how to make them I never did it again and still don't. My husband knows how to make them if he wants them otherwise we don't have them. I am a mean Momma I guess

  3. I haven't baked cookies in a couple of weeks. The kids are about to revolt.


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