Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Social Network for Sports Lovers

Jeffrey's brother Kirk was visiting the last couple of days. One of the questions he had before he came up was whether he was going to be able to watch his Bears game. I wonder if he would have stayed home if we said no? Some people are like that. They just have to watch their sports teams. I've never cared all that much about sports, except for the Olympics. I love the Olympics - Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics. I could be a real sports fan if I could watch the Olympics more than every couple years.

I'm excited to learn about a new sports social network called Sportsviews, because it's not only about all the typical pro sports like football, basketball and baseball. There's an Olympics category, as well as golf and Nascar, tennis, and hockey. Sportsviews is a free sports community. Anyone can join and post sports related videos, blogs and photos, and view other people's posts, too. You can join or create groups, and invite your friends, too. It sounds kind of like an online sports bar, with all the love of sports and none of the cigarette smoke.

I think this would have been really fun during the Olympics. Now I think it will be a good way to go back over the highlights, and soon a good way to look forward to the next Olympic games. I might even learn to like some other sports. It could happen.

Just for signing up you get $50,000 Sportsviews Dollars to start playing with. You can use some of those Sportsviews Dollars to create and place bets, and win Sportsviews Dollars to do more things on the site.

ETA: I registered, got my $50,000 Sportsviews Dollars and placed my first bet - on the burning question, How Many Olympics Will Pass Before Phelps' Record Is Broken?

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