Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cory, the Video Master

Cory has been really active on YouTube recently. He's made some silly videos, and he's made lots of new friends. What we do is blogging. On YouTube, they call it vlogging, and Cory says he likes that better because he doesn't have to type. Also, he has a lot of fun with the video editing - so if I ever need video editing help, I know where to go!

Cory and 6 of his YouTube friends, who also happen to be girls, (all of them) started a channel on YouTube called 7awesomebookworms. Each of them is assigned a day of the week on which he or she makes a video. Cory's day is Tuesday, so if you want to see his videos, check on Tuesday nights or Wednesdays for the latest one. They're a lot of fun, at least I think so.

Since he's been shooting videos on a regular basis, he's been wanting a smaller camera that he can carry around with him. Right now he uses the Canon camera (S2 IS) and it is a little bulky to carry around everywhere. However, since we have both that camera and my S3, we really don't want to spend a lot of money on another camera. Any ideas on a good, not too expensive, small digital video camera that records good quality video?