Monday, September 15, 2008

Check Out These Photoshop Brushes

I've got Photoshop open, and I've got the Help file open. Why? Because I really want to figure out how to import some of these Photoshop Brushes so I can use them. I found this site called Brusheezy that lets talented, creative, artistic people submit Photoshop brushes they have created so the rest of us can download them.

This looks like a great resource, and I can see all kinds of neat uses for these. They're the kinds of things I'd like to include in some of my images - hand-drawn flowers, vintage looks, dragons - things I can't draw myself. Thanks to Brusheezy, I don't have to, if I can only figure out this Help file.

ETA: I did figure out how to get the brushes into Photoshop - download the file, unzip it, and move the file into the brushes folder in Photoshop, then load it using the Presets manager. However, most of these are for more recent versions of Photoshop than I have, so I can't use them. There are a couple I can use, so I'll just grab those.