Thursday, September 25, 2008

Maybe Labels Would Help

Now that school has started and Beth is working all the time, we never see her. The way her schedule works, she could come home after work, and we'd get to see her for a little while before bed, but she'd rather go see Tim. Then, every time we remind her that she needs to get her room cleaned up, she complains that she has no time. Well, yes, she does have time, it's just that she chooses to use it for other things. I honestly don't know how she lives in that room, or how she finds anything to wear, ever.

I am sometimes tempted to go in there while she is gone and clean and organize everything. I could use one of these DYMO Labelmakers to label all her drawers and bins and tubs so that she knows exactly what goes where. It would make me feel good, for a few hours, until she came home, got mad at me for messing with her stuff, and messed it all up again. If she'd only do it herself...

So, if you have kids who are still young and teachable, get one of these labelmakers and get everything organized now. Label the bins and label the boxes and label the shelves - label everything. Let the kids make their own labels so it's fun to get organized. Whatever it takes to avoid the mess. Get them organized now, and hopefully their rooms won't look like a hurricane went through later.

The DYMO website has all kinds of ideas and tips for getting organized and using their labelmaker to make it fun. There's a whole section on how to keep kids organized and some great ideas for back to school, too. Reading through this reminds me that we really need to put labels on all the kids' stuff, like their new cameras, iPod, Zune, anything they take back and forth to school.

What would you use the DYMO Labelmaker for?