Saturday, September 13, 2008

Camera Critters (#23)


Here's another critter from when Jeffrey and I went to Old World Wisconsin a few weekends ago.

It's all Misty's fault.  Every time I see dragonflies, I just have to try and shoot them. 

Camera Critters is a fun weekend meme hosted by Misty Dawn.Visit the Camera Critters headquarters and join in.


  1. Great Snap. I have yet to get a dragon fly that stays still long enough to to get a picture. thank you for stopping by.

  2. Oh suuuuuuure... blame me! I see how it is ;-) Oh well, you know what - I've been blamed for much worse - I don't mind being the one who made you a dragonfly-photo addict ;-)

    Great shot Anna!

  3. dragonflies never cease to amaze me - spindly stick bodies, zooming around like helicopters

  4. I just love dragonflies - they're such awesome little guys!

  5. I'm with you, every time I see any kind of critter I feel the sudden need to find a camera! This is very addicting.

    Great pic too :)

  6. This is a wonderful capture! The wings look so delicate... great job!

  7. It's lovely. Sadly, I don't see too many dragonflies in our area.


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