Monday, September 08, 2008

Heads or Tails - Box

This week's theme/prompt is:


I got this box full of goodies delivered last week:

It was full of all these great Suave products because I won Elizabeth's giveaway. All of the products look and smell really great, but I'm especially in love with that body wash - with apricot seeds and coconut extract. I'm tempted to put my current body wash away and start using this right away, and the shampoo and conditioner, and...

If you like getting boxes of goodies, you should check out Elizabeth's giveaways. She's always giving away great stuff. I won some pasta and cereal from her giveaways, too - but I was bad and didn't post about those.

Heads or Tails is a fun weekly meme hosted by Skittles.


  1. caught up now I LOVE the bottom and the cow is nice too.... don't you just LOVE how those teens throw such a stinking fit adn then after they get their way they say,, WELL YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO,,,,,, man ya wanta hit them hard! ok maybe it is just me,,,,

  2. I should start signing up for giveaways. I love getting boxes in the post. What great timing for this prompt. Did you put Skittles up to it so you could use your HoT to acknowledge receipt of your prize? *wink*

    Happy HoT!

  3. I'd forget the old stuff for now, and use the new stuff! LOLOL But, that's me...temptation is always a weak suit.

    My HoT is posted. Come on by for a visit if you can get a chance.

  4. That is so cool. I like those types of boxes filled with goodies :)

    My entry is here

    Stop by if you have a moment. Have a great week ahead!

  5. I could really use that very box of goodies what a great giveaway idea.

  6. I love receiving packages! Congrats on winning Elisabeth's contest.

  7. What a neat prize! Go ahead and put away the old body wash.. or throw it out. I do that when I find a new shampoo I like better. ;)

  8. I could learn to enjoy boxes of goodies! Guess I will have to start entering some contests!

    Happy Tuesday.

  9. Thanks for the link! I love how they didn't just throw the stuff in a box, they put it in nice tissue paper. I like it when PR firms add those personal touches.

    Those are great new photos up in your banner! I actually wasn't sure what you looked like so I'm glad you included your own photo :)


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