Sunday, November 04, 2007

Best Tech Deals

Jeffrey keeps playing with the idea of buying himself a new laptop. He is using my old one. It still works, but still, a new one would be nice. Of course, if we're going to buy something as expensive as a laptop, we are going to want to get the best deal possible. The Internet makes it so much easier to track down discount computers and find the best price.

Techbargains is a site that helps compare products, with reviews and price comparisons. They target the best tech deals. The site is updated every day, even weekends and holidays, so they will always have the latest information and deals. The interesting part is that, once you know what you are looking for, you can sign up for an RSS feed for the item you want - so you know up to the minute deal information. That way, you can wait for the item to go on sale or for a rebate that gives additional savings, and then buy the item you want. That's what I do. Not sure exactly what you want? Sign up for the free email newsletters for the deals of the week.

We're probably going to have to start looking for deals on iPods, too since Cory's seems to be acting up.


  1. Wow...that totally freaked me out at first when your blogs started loading up. I thought I had the wrong blog at first. It looks great!!! It does take a long time to load up though, but I like this look a lot better. I love purple!

  2. I love the new look...where do you get your templates...blogspots are so boring and would love a change...



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