Thursday, November 08, 2007

Last Chance

Remember the band fundraiser? The order deadline has been extended to tomorrow, November 8. That means, if you were planning to order something to support my band geek Cory, you have to do it today or tomorrow morning. Even if you weren't planning to order, maybe you'll take a quick look and see what's there.

  • All items are shipped directly to your door
  • Prices include all delivery charges
  • All products come with 100% satisfaction guarantee
Go Shop. Thank you.


  1. Stop by and get your gift,,

    now off to catch up

  2. Did you notice that the page rank is all wacky?

  3. Yes, it keeps dropping! This Google stuff is enough to make anyone crazy.

    PPP is right on top of things and updating page rank as it drops. Now both my blogs are a 1. Tomorrow, who knows?


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