Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cory Should Be on Stage

Cory has always been very outgoing, and has never had a problem being the center of attention. I don't think it ever occurred to him to be nervous, and stage fright is a foreign concept to him.

When he was in kindergarten, the teacher chose him and another classmate to be the ring masters of the kindergarten circus. That meant they got to announce all the acts - the other kids, who were dressed as circus animals, clowns, and performers. They had to learn their lines, which they both did really well, and they got to use the microphone. The teacher was right on when she chose those two. They absolutely loved talking in front of all those people and using that microphone!

In elementary school, Cory told jokes or did something else silly in the 'talent show' a couple of times, and then in middle school he joined the drama club. He really seemed to enjoy that.

Now that he's in high school, I expect he'll get involved in some kind of performing - besides band, which he is already doing. He volunteers for solos in Jazz Band. But, he hasn't tried out for any of the musicals or the play. He was going to get involved in the musical this year, but he didn't hear when the try-outs were, so he missed them. I don't think he'll let that happen again. Since we helped Jeffrey run sound for the musical this past weekend, we were there for every performance. Cory jumped right in and helped out with all kinds of things, from running the lights to video taping the last performance. He just loved it.

After watching him, I'm pretty sure he will be involved with next year's musical in some way, and not just during the performances. But he doesn't have to wait until next fall. There's the play in the spring, too.

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  1. That is wonderful...I participated in many high school stage activities...musicals...talent shows...so on...they are great for self-esteem and for picking up chicks :)

    The Egel Nest


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