Thursday, November 15, 2007

He Didn't Need My Signature?

The Band Boosters is running a new fund raiser for the band students to help them raise money for the band trip. They are going to be selling Seroogy's chocolate. I've never had it, but the word is good that this is some good chocolate. Anyway, since I'm the only Band Booster parent who is home during the day, all the chocolate was delivered to my house today.

Usually UPS comes around 5pm, so I wasn't expecting him (or her) to show up yet, but about 10:30am, I heard a rumble of a motor. I was busy turning dough into cinnamon rolls, but I did finally manage to look out the window. It was a UPS truck backed up into my driveway. Already? I was glad I needed to deal with the cinnamon rolls and hadn't gone and jumped in the shower. So, I'm drying my hands and getting ready to answer the door and sign the thing and figure out where all the boxes should go, when I hear the truck drive away! He just left all the boxes stacked outside my garage door and drove away. No signature, no nothing.

I was supposed to give him the DISH network receiver that needs to go back, too. Now Jeffrey has to take it in to work tomorrow so he can send it back. He was planning to do that anyway, until I told him that UPS was supposed to be here today.

Also, it's a little difficult to type with a kitty laying on top of my arm.