Sunday, November 04, 2007

Looking for New Blog Templates?

Blogger has some nice templates, but after a while it's nice to have a change. If you're looking for new templates and designs, here are a few sites I have found that offer free Blogger templates.
  • BlogSkins is where I found the original design I used for my new look. I can't find any easy way to find what you are looking for there. Just start looking around. I just happened to find one I kind of liked, so I clicked on the designer, searched through her designs, and found one I liked better. Then I played with it.
  • There are some really nice templates available at You can browse by category or just start going through them.
  • Also, Pyzam has a whole bunch of blogger layouts. I spent a whole day looking at them. Well, at least it seemed that way!


  1. I liked your old template...but I love this one...and it loads MUCH faster! :)

    The Egel Nest

  2. I'm looking for a good template for my other site: Thanks for sharing those links, I'll check them out. Please feel free to visit it when you have time.


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