Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where Did Those Darn Keys Go?

Car Keys
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The other day when Beth was getting ready to leave for work, she looked everywhere for her keys. When I asked her where she had seen them last, she said they were on the couch, like always. Never mind that her keys do not belong on the couch.

The night before, when she came home from work, she had gone into her room to check her MySpace or her email or something on the computer, so I told her she should look in there. Now, if you've ever seen her room, you know that the chances of finding anything in there when you need it are next to nil. I really don't know how she lives like that. Anyway, after much searching and still no keys, she really did need to leave for work so she wouldn't be late. So I gave her my set and told her that she better not lose them because there would be nothing we could do then. And she better find her own keys when she got home from work.

She walked out the door. A minute later, she walked back in. She found her car keys. They were on the front seat of the car. Yes, the car was locked, so no one could have driven away with it. It's a good thing that, if she was going to lock the keys in the car, at least she was in her own driveway and hadn't locked them in at work.


  1. I hate it when my daughters can't find their keys, they expect me to drop everything and help..

    Your daughters room sounds rather similar to my girls... (although mine are both away at uni right now)

    I have something for you here

  2. I lost my car keys once, but luckily I had a second set so I wasn't worried. A few weeks later me and hubby went to the movies and when we went to get in the car to go home I noticed that he locked the keys in the car (he was driving). I thought we we screwed, until he puts his hands in his coat pocket because it was cold outside and he found my lost keys in his pocket. I didn't lose them he had them the whole time. LOL!

  3. There is nothing worse than loosing your car keys...especially with the new vehicles, a replacement key cost a fortune...
    I'm glad everything worked out for her...
    hmmm a messy room must be something I have to look forward to in a few years with my daughter...



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