Sunday, November 18, 2007

Volunteering at the Holiday Bazaar

I usually think that weekends are for sleeping in. All during the week, we all have to get up early. Jeffrey has to run off to work, and the kids have to run off to school, and I have plenty of things to do around here. So we really look forward to the weekends because we can sleep in a little later.

Not so yesterday. Well, Jeffrey and Beth got to stay in bed, but Cory and I volunteered to go help out with the Holiday Bazaar. I'd never been before, but every year crafters and vendors come in and set up booths in both gyms of the high school, and several school organizations set up in the hallways between. The Band Boosters sell concessions all day, and this is one of the biggest fund raisers of the year. I made the cinnamon rolls last year, but Cory and I weren't able to go and help out. This year I signed us up for the 7:30-10am shift. So we had to get up at normal time.

We took the cinnamon rolls and a box of each flavor of the candy bars we had delivered here the other day and went over to the school. Cory ended up working with his friend Julia and giving out and selling coffee. All the vendors get one coffee free. Everyone else has to pay. I made and took my own. I spent my time doing various things, setting up and getting things prepared for the lunch crowd. I served up a few hot dogs and chili dogs, but by the time the pizza got there and people started coming in for lunch (already at 10am) it was time for us to go.

It was really kind of fun working in a school kitchen again. I worked in the kitchen in college and really enjoyed that. I think we both would have enjoyed staying longer, but we had to get ready for church, and other people were arriving for the shifts they signed up for. We'll definitely have to help out again next year. So what if we miss a little sleep?