Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why You Should NEVER Run With a Fork

My kids are old enough, I shouldn't need to tell them this, but you never know... I find myself reminding Beth to buckle her seat belt, and she's been doing that every single time we got in the car since she was a baby!

I got this in my email:
Show your kids, show your neighbor's kids, show your enemy's kids! Mommy and Daddy are NOT kidding when they say 'NEVER run with sharp objects!' See, this is what happens when you run with a fork!
I know, you're thinking the tip of the fork came DOWN on his nose, right?

Well, you won't believe the next picture.........

I bet the kid switches to a spoon!!!


  1. Ughhhhhhh that's so awful! That really must have HURT!!

  2. I can't imagine being this kid's mom. On the one hand you'd want to say, "I told you not to run with that fork!" On the other hand, you'd feel so bad for the poor little guy. I know I'd be crying, too.

  3. Oh my! that's scary! That's why i don't let my son hold a fork or any sharp things when he is playing or running. I try not to let him touch anything that's sharp. Poor boy. That's really awful. I couldn't imagine my son being on that situation. I would cry to death.


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