Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Follow-Up Comments

I've been checking the little box that says 'email follow-up comments to' when I comment on everyone's blogs. It's kind of fun to get all the comments to a post.

I started blogging over at LiveJournal (A Mind Forever Voyaging) where replies to my comments come straight to my email. I really like not having to remember which posts I commented on and having to go back and check them - because I would not remember. When I started using this blog more and commenting on more Blogger blogs, there didn't seem to be a good way to 'carry on a conversation' the same way you can on LiveJournal. Sure, I could reply to comments left here, but I wasn't sure people were seeing those replies. I toyed with replying here and also sending an email to the person, saying the same thing. Visiting the other person's blog and replying to a comment they made here over there on one of their posts didn't seem quite right. I like visiting the people who visit me, but it just made the 'conversation' seem disjointed.

I was just starting to subscribe to the comments with Google Reader in an effort to keep up with things, then Blogger introduced the ability to subscribe to comments via email. So now I'm doing that. It's still not an actual 'conversation' because all comments get delivered, until you unsubscribe or until people stop commenting. It is kind of interesting to read what everyone else has to say, as well as being able to see when the blog author replies to my comment, so that's ok.

How about you? What do you think of this new feature? Are you using it?


  1. I like that feature too. My only problem is that my e-mail inbox is already loaded with e-mails that I can't keep up with.

  2. My email is like that, too! The comments all go to one of my gmail accounts, which I don't use for much else, so that makes it nice.

    Also, once I realized I can check my gmail with my Google toolbar (yeah, it took me a while) that helped me keep up with that one a little better.

  3. I was very relieved when I saw google implement this feature, make keeping up a whole lot easier!

  4. I like it and I don't like it. Way too much emails in my in-box already. LOL

  5. i love it too; totally agree with you. I could never remember what i said where. Now I want to reassure people that I am following up on questions i ask or details i need to know and they don't have to come to my blog to tell me. all they have to do is make their own coment!

  6. Thank you so much Anna. I took your advise and check into it...payperpost was showing that everything was ok but the code wasn't there.
    The disclosure badge is now doing what it is suppose to be doing.
    Now let's see if that was the problem. I am off to submit the post AGAIN. Wish me luck! I will let you know when or if it gets approved.

    your the best
    I feel so much better and it's not even approved yet...
    carrie :0)


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