Sunday, November 18, 2007

Curiously Awesome Products

I got a package in the mail Friday. It contained some fun things. One of them was an Ambient Fire Video Fireplace DVD, which is something I've been thinking about getting. When we built our house, we didn't put a fireplace in. We had to choose between the 9-foot ceilings and a fireplace. We figured it would be a whole lot more feasible to come back later and put a fireplace in than to raise the roof! We still don't have a fireplace 10 years later, but now we have this DVD. It's almost like having a real fireplace. Jeffrey and I took it into the bedroom, turned off all the lights, and watched the fire. It's nice. You can choose different fireplaces, choose music to play, or to just have the sounds of the fire. There is just something hypnotic about watching a fire burn, and it was kind of romantic, too!

Cory was mostly interested in the Insta Snow Fake Snow Powder, so I had to stop watching the fire burn and watch him turn this little bag of white powder into a bowl full of fake snow. This stuff is really amazing. It feels like snow. It's even cool to the touch, and it's been sitting on the table at room temperature since last night. I find myself playing with it just to feel it on my hands. The good thing is that it's cool, but not freezing, so I can play with 'snow' and not get frozen fingers. Actually, my usual 'playing' in the snow is shoveling the driveway. This is a whole lot easier, and warmer, than that! We are planning to put the insta snow in the freezer because it's supposed to act even more like real snow when it's frozen. Then maybe we can make a snowman.

Since I got these fun toys in the mail, I thought I'd check out the website where they can be ordered, and I found some other neat things. They have this Flying Alarm Clock that is supposed to be able to get anyone up. I wonder if they even mean teenagers? I also found this Cookbook Holder w/ storage that would be very handy in the kitchen. There are quite a few other things that look very interesting, so, if you're looking for some 'curiously awesome' products, why not give Vat19 a try? They even have videos of most of the products so that you can see them in action.