Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Save Money on Car Insurance

Beth has to go to court tomorrow because of her speeding ticket. Actually, she could have just paid it, but we're hoping that, by showing up, she can get things changed so that this doesn't affect her insurance rates. It sounds like we've got a pretty good insurance rate, compared to what she says some of her friends have to pay, but, if she doesn't get her grades up, it's going to go up anyway. A speeding ticket on her record will just make it worse.

We do wonder why her friends and their parents don't look for better insurance rates. As much as insurance for teen drivers costs, it's important to find the best rates possible. They should look for a local insurance group like Cost-U-Less Insurance Center in California. They offer friendly customer service and quick online quotes to help save money on car insurance nbi (no better insurance?). One of their customers saved $4000!

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  1. I'm dreading the day Aurora gets old enough to drive. She's 13 and last summer she smashed up a golf cart at the gold course.


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