Monday, November 19, 2007

How About Oregon for a Family Reunion?

I was talking to my brother Mark yesterday, and we were talking about how the rest of our family all moved away from him. He's the only one left in Illinois. We moved to Wisconsin. Our baby brother moved to Oregon, and the parents and our other brother Darryl moved to Kentucky. We really need to find a way to get the family together one of these days. My brother Darryl has a daughter I've never met. My brother Craig in Oregon has two daughters I've never met. He does a pretty good job of posting pictures and keeping us up to date on what is going on with them, but still, I've never gotten to meet them and squeeze their little girl bodies!

I was thinking we needed to find some kind of central location so we could all get together, but I'm not sure there is a central location. We'd end up going out toward Oregon and meeting up in the middle anyway, so why not just go all the way? I'd love to spend some time on the Oregon coast. It would be wonderful to rent a big house somewhere on the beach, so we could all stay together and hang out together. We can cook our own meals, do laundry if we need to, and let the kids run. Staying in the hotel in the Dells wasn't horrible, but it always seems wrong to pay that money for so much less than I have at home. I don't care if there's a pool! Though the kids seem to think that's important. Some of these homes have hot tubs. That would be good enough.

I love the beach in any form, and I especially would love at least one stormy day because I want to watch those waves crash in. The Oregon coast is supposed to be a great place for whale watching, and I'd love a chance to get some pictures, as well as getting pictures of those nieces I've never met. I'm not sure when a good time for whale watching is, but an Oregon Christmas vacation offers plenty of other things to do, plenty of great scenery, and an opportunity to just relax and be together. If not this year, then maybe next year?

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  1. Yes, holiday traveling can be grueling! Oregon looks beautiful!!!

    Stop by and play the 'Give Me Five' meme for today, if you like!!!


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