Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Beth Got a New Job

Beth had a job interview on Sunday, and she called after school (they got out at 1:00 today) to say that she got the job. She was supposed to go pick up some paperwork so she can get her work permit tomorrow, but I said to call them back and see if her dad can pick it up, since he's going to be there anyway. Well, not the actual store, but in the area. So, she called, and they said that would be fine. It just didn't make sense for her to drive all the way there - 30 minutes - just to pick up some paperwork, if she didn't have to. Then, once she gets her work permit, she's supposed to start orientation at 5:00 tomorrow.

It's only temporary holiday employment - unless they really like her and decide to keep her on - but it's better than what she has now. She hasn't had any hours at the pizza place for several weeks. The boss keeps telling her to check in, and that he wants her to work in Whitewater, but then he never gives her any hours. So, she'll be working at Marshall's at least through the Christmas season. Of course, you know what this means. There's no way we're going anywhere for Thanksgiving, not with someone in the family working retail. And there's no way we're leaving our 17-year-old daughter home alone.

Jeffrey said we might consider leaving her, as long as Tim went to Kentucky with us... Nope - not gonna happen.


  1. I love it I know I am late prob way late BUT I LOVE the new look!. wait she has to have a work permit???? and there is no way I would leave my 3 teens that is why I did not get to go back east home.

  2. Congrats on her new job! It sounds like it's going to be fun. I won't even leave my 13 year old home alone while I run to the store.

  3. Jaye - I just changed the design this weekend, so you're really not late. Thanks. I like it, too. I think you're supposed to have a work permit if you're under 18 - just to be sure your parents approve of your working, or something.

    Tammy - I'll leave the kids home alone for a little while, but I'd rather leave both of them than just the one. And no longer than an hour or two, if at all possible.


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