Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Own Domain

I saw this on my BlogRush widget tonight. (yes, I do find some really good stuff through BlogRush) Apparently, if you already have a blog hosted on Blogspot, you can use Blogger custom domain to use your own domain, continue hosting your blog on Blogspot, and not lose any of your PR (well, no more than Google has already taken away) in the process. I know I've seen blogs with their own domains right here on Blogspot, but I've never looked into how it works.

There's a bunch of information about this and links explaining how to set it up, over on City Slicker Mom - BLOGGER CUSTOM DOMAIN - Promote Your Blog with Top Domain without losing your Page Rank. I think it's time to look into it.

So, now the question is: If I get my own domain, what should it be? Suggestions, please!


  1. I got my own domain a while ago and continued seamlessly posting through blogger, it works very well, the most difficult part was deciding on the domain name... I was boring and chose LB...

  2. Thanks for posting this! Here's the only thing I'm wondering about... so, if you switch over to your own domain, does that mean that all the links for you that other people have on their pages (with your blogspot address) will no longer work?

    I'm going to have to check into this!

  3. ladybanana - I like the ladybanana name. I clicked on you the first time because of it! See, my brothers always used to call me Anna Banana...

    misty dawn - I am seriously checking into this. If you go through blogger to point your domain to your blog, they will redirect all existing links to your new domain. So, all the links will still work. What I'm really trying to find out is how this will work with PPP. Will I have to sit out for 90 days, until the domain is 90 days old - even though the blog is the same and in the same place? Can I just go in and change the url for the blog, or will I have to submit it as a new blog? I've been searching the forums this morning for info, but I think I'm going to have to ask the question.

  4. My friend Kim has some with blogger and some on her own domain. She told me that you have to wait the 90 days again when you switch. She just started a new blog on her own domain. One of her urls is if you want to ask her any questions.

    I have an award for you.

  5. I love blogrush...I find some great stuff through there!

    I am too scared too lose all my old stuff to switch domains :)

    The Egel Nest


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