Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How Not to Gain Weight During the Holidays

I've been busy cooking for Thanksgiving. I made two pies and then that cranberry dessert, which overflowed the baking dish again. We'll be having turkey and all the fixings, and I keep wondering what I'm forgetting. So much food for one day, and Jeffrey's asking for deviled eggs. Why do we think we need so much food for one day? Do we just eat because the food is there, or are there other reasons?

Dr. Roger Gould, one of the country's leading authorities on emotional eating, and the author of Shrink Yourself, has just launched an interactive Holiday Survival Guide . Dr. Gould says that the key to losing weight is not watching WHAT you eat, it's about discovering WHY you eat. Two free tools on the site, 7 ways your family makes you fat and what you can do about it, and Take Charge: Don't let anyone spoil your season, will help you understand why you are tempted to overeat during the holidays and what you can do about it. These interactive tools utilize a question and answer format, and provide customized recommendations for each person. This personalized information can help you combat emotional overeating and avoid holiday weight gain.

I'm wondering if my problem isn't emotional overeating, but emotional over-cooking. And if I cook it, they will eat it. Except for Beth. She hates everything.