Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Bunch of 3's

At 1:33pm my time, I used TNT Screen Capture, a nifty little program I snagged from Giveaway of the Day (love them!) to capture this from my PayPerPost dashboard. I thought it was interesting the way there were so many 3's. OK, I cheated and refreshed the page so I could get the time right. I just wish I had checked at 1:33 PPP Time - but it was 1:33 my time.

Also, it looks like they're doing a good job of reviewing posts, because all the posts taken have been approved.
get paid to blog


  1. that is so cool!! Congratulations on all of your approvals too!!

  2. Anna, I have some awards for you
    have a great night

  3. That's great.. not being nosey but do you make a worthwhile sum from these posts?

  4. ladybanana - you're not nosey, considering I posted it right here. I did the math for total dollars and divided it by all the posts I've done, and it came out to an average of $8.61 per post. Some pay more. Some pay less. I know I've done quite a few $5 posts. And then there was that $65 one!

    For me it's worthwhile because I wasn't making any money before. I do a good job of making my husband's money go as far as possible, but haven't been working outside of the home since my kids were born.

  5. That's not bad, a trickle of money coming in for doing something you would be doing anyway.

  6. That's what I thought - why not get paid for doing something I was already doing.


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