Thursday, November 22, 2007

Car Repairs

Jeffrey and Beth went to court yesterday because of her speeding ticket. Because they went in, the ticket was changed to "defective speedometer" instead of speeding. Beth still had to pay the $77 fine and got 2 points on her license, but at least it doesn't count as a moving violation, and her insurance shouldn't go up because of it. Of course, the speedometer isn't defective and it doesn't need fixed, but the car does need to go into the shop because the gas gauge is broken. Right now Beth has to keep track of how many miles she has driven since she filled the car up last. When she gets to a certain number of miles, she has to remember to get gas, because the car is not going to tell her.

Jeffrey has taken that car to a little garage in North Prairie for most of the work he has had done on it, so it will probably go back there for the gas gauge. I don't know if it's the best deal, but it is convenient. The last time he had it there, it was to get the transmission replaced. He had it replaced once, and Buick paid for it because of some recall or something. So that was good. Then the check engine light kept coming on, and after getting the car checked, we found out that the transmission had to be replaced again. Unfortunately, we could not find the paperwork to see if it was still under warranty or not, so we had to pay. Then, after driving the car for a few days, the check engine light came one again. Jeffrey had the car into the garage several times, and they couldn't figure out why that light was on. Finally they ended up replacing the transmission again, and that solved the problem. We could have used this coupon from AAMCO. Right now they are offering to check your check engine light for free. I think if a different garage had checked to see why the check engine light was on, they might have diagnosed the problem sooner and saved us some time and money. The garage that had just put in a new transmission knew they had done that, so that couldn't possibly have been the problem. Therefore, they were looking for something else, and there was nothing else. They just got a bad transmission from the manufacturer.

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