Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful for My Friends

My friend Misty Dawn @ My Dogs Keep Me Sane passed out some adorable awards today - the Best Blogging Buddies award and the same adorable Thank You For Being my Friend puppies I awarded her last night! It seems I wasn't the only one who is glad to have Misty as a friend - and knows she loves animals. Yeah, the animal thing is real hard to figure out, isn't it?

Colin over at Life, created this new award called the Best Blogging Buddies award.

Having received many awards I have decided that it was time I created one for ALL my Blogging Buddies. You are ALL awesome and contribute to the wonderful global communities that we have all created. Thank you!
I'd like to pass these on to some of my friends:
If you're not mentioned here, it doesn't mean I'm not thankful for your friendship and that I don't appreciate you, because I do. Just wait; I'll be passing something along to you before long.


  1. WOW first I am so glad you stopped by really,, THEN I come to see if you did do the wendsday thing but I SEE THIS how cool is this THANK YOU SOOO MUCH,,,, I hope your day tomorrow is not too crazy.

  2. Hi Anna,

    Nice to see the Blogging Buddies award being passed around and also a great way of finding other bloggers :)
    Congratulations on your awards and have a great Thanksgiving Day.


  3. Thank you so much Anna, hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving!

  4. Hey, how'd you know that I like animals?

    :-) You're a sweetie and you totally deserve these awards.


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