Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Create Your Own Greeting Cards

I bet the post office loves this time of year because everyone is sending Christmas Cards and packages, or at least they will be soon. I always look forward to getting the annual letter and card from our old neighbors - which she probably won't send me this year if I don't email her soon and let her know I'm still alive! It's nice to hear about their year and especially to see the card, which is usually a photo card featuring the whole family, or at least the kids. It's always amazing to see how the kids have grown! (Like mine haven't...)

For great photo cards, VistaPrint makes it easy to create your own, for any occasion. Choose one of their templates, upload your own pictures, and customize everything - from the text to the layout. It's really simple, and then, once you get your card designed, you can have them printed and shipped. Prices start at $7.49 for 10 cards. Order more cards and the per card cost goes down.