Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What to Do When the Family is Home

No school for the rest of the week, so the kids will be home. Jeffrey took tomorrow and Friday off work, too. You know what that means. I can put them to work! I really am going to need them to help me around here some to get things ready for Thanksgiving. I know it doesn't have to be perfect. It's just my brother. Still, I'd like things to be halfway decent around here - floor vacuumed, bathroom cleaned, stuff like that. Also, Jeffrey said something about inviting a guy from work whose wife is out of town. Considering I don't know this guy at all, well, I can't have him seeing a big mess, right?

Jeffrey and Beth are going to traffic court in the morning, and then they might stop by the store on the way back, if there's anything I need. I haven't thought of anything, but Jeffrey thinks he needs sweet gherkins, and we don't have any of those. So he'll probably stop and get those. He thought he needed deviled eggs, too, but he's not getting any!