Monday, November 26, 2007

So Many Pictures

Ever since I got a digital camera several years ago, I have been taking pictures, pictures, and more pictures. I have pictures on my computer. I use pictures for my screensaver, and I upload pictures to the Internet, to sites like Flickr and Tabblo, to share them. What I don't seem to do is print them. Before my digital camera, I used to take quite a few pictures, and those pictures had to be printed. Then I organized them and put them into photo albums, and we can sit down and go through those photo albums any time we want. It really is fun to see how much my kids have grown and changed. They were so cute.

Here's a scanned photo from my pre-digital days:
Because I don't usually print my pictures, a digital picture frame might be nice. All I'd have to do is load the camera's memory card into the frame, and we could all enjoy a slideshow of recent pictures. Some of these frames can even connect to our wireless network, so I could send pictures from my laptop to the frame without having to connect any cables or mess with the memory card.

If I order by December 10 and pay with PayPal, I can even get 20% cash back.


  1. We wanted to get one of these for my husband's aunt for Christmas, until we saw how much they cost LOL They are really cool though.

  2. I actually miss having printed photos, but I never seem to get around to doing any.

    The frames are nice but as misty dawn says - very expensive..

  3. We have some friends who have one of those. I would love to have one.


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