Thursday, November 29, 2007

Her Boyfriend's Back

Beth has been pretty stressed out for the past couple weeks. Has it been that long? Yeah, I guess it has. The week before Thanksgiving, the kids didn't have school on Friday because of parent/teacher conferences, so Beth spent the night with her friend Kayla on Thursday. Her boyfriend, Tim was over here the night before. And that's the last time she saw him until tonight. He called her Thursday night at Kayla's, but then he just disappeared. He was supposed to call Friday after work, and he never did. Beth started trying to track him down, ended up calling the family he is living with, and they hadn't seen him since sometime Thursday. He hadn't gone to school. He hadn't gone to work. No one knew where he was or what was going on.

Eventually they did talk to some people who had seen him, so they knew he was around somewhere, but no one had talked to him. Finally, yesterday he called Beth and sent her some messages on MySpace. I have no idea what was up with him, but he came over tonight. He and Beth were going to go over to where he's been living and talk to the parents, Jim & Randi. They're the parents of his best friend Jesse, who let him live there and gave him a job because he's had issues at home with his dad. Instead of leaving, they ended up sitting in the car talking - even though it's like 25° outside. Finally we convinced them to come in they got too cold and came in. So they're in the basement talking. I'm not sure when he's planning to go home and talk to Jim & Randi or what the whole deal was.

Beth thinks she loves this guy, but if he can just run off like this, she's really going to have to decide if she can live with that. She does not deserve to be treated that way. Or he's going to have to learn a better way of dealing with his problems than running off. He did the same thing not too long after they first met, though she didn't really know him that well then. He was having problems with his dad, and that's how he ended up living with Jim & Randi. They've been really good to him, and they certainly don't deserve to be treated this way, either.


  1. I don't know all the details of what he's dealt with when it comes to his father, but you are right that your daughter, if she really is in love, needs to step back and decide if she is willing to deal with his 'disappearing act' with no regard to how it affects others and makes them feel. I hope that things work out for the best.

  2. I hope I teach my son to treat his girlfriend (future) right. Poor Beth.

  3. No one deserves to be treated that way but when it's your own daughter that's got to be hard. I am doing everything in my power to make sure my sons grow up with respect for others. Oh and if that was my daughter...eeks

    hope everything works out for Beth. She deserves better :0)


  4. I wish more parents would teach their sons to respect, care about, and take care of the girls - and just generally respect other people. From what I've seen in most of Beth's 'friends' who happen to be boys, that doesn't happen very often.

    Except for this matter of up and disappearing, Tim actually has treated her quite well.

  5. boyfriends oh man yep got lots of them here good luck


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