Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I've Got a Bowling Alley in my Basement

And a tennis court, and a baseball diamond, and a golf course, and... Well, actually it's a really nifty new video system (is that the proper terminology?) that came to live at our house. Yes, Cory has been wanting a Wii for a while now, and his dad has kind of been wanting one, too. So, Sunday night they went off and had some father / son bonding time, and waited in line for a couple of hours so they could buy one. I guess these things are extremely hard to come by, but this particular Best Buy had a special invitation-only event. They guaranteed that they would have a minimum of 30 Wiis in stock just for this event, which started at 8:30pm. They got there early and were 4th in line, so they got the Wii. They also got an extra remote and some extra games that came packaged together.

The next night they ran to Game Stop and bought Guitar Hero III for the Wii. So, now Cory is set for a while. He does not get anything else for a good long time!

After the jazz band concert tonight, he wanted me to play with him, so we played bowling and tennis and baseball. Those were all pretty fun. Then he wanted me to play Guitar Hero. I'm not sure I'm ever going to get the hang of that, or even if I want to. Cory's enjoying it, though.


  1. Anna..I've got a question for ya.
    Anyword on your Hamilton Beach Video being approved?

    Mine got rejected:0( because of the third party link...but it's in my post. Is it suppose to bring something up that mine isn't...just wondering how you made out with yours. \
    I will submit it again and see what happens

    have a great day carrie

  2. I think I will have to forget about that $65 post. For some reason that link (the one that had to be cut and pasted exactly)will not work. Everything else is just as it is suppose to be. The link is there but for some reason it's not recognized. When I run my mouse over the hamilton beach disclosure badge it doesn't do what it should...
    Very frustrating..I have 2 days left to figure out why it won't work...

    happy blogging
    carrie :0)


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