Sunday, December 21, 2008

Backpack of No Return

I just found out the next payment for our band trip to New York is due tomorrow. And there's a meeting tomorrow night. I love how letters make it home to the parents!

I think the elementary school has the right idea. This used to seem backwards to me, but any newsletters or other information that needed to go home to the parents always went home with the Youngest in Family. I thought maybe the older siblings would be more responsible, but the truth is that the younger ones are excited about taking things home to mom, so mom gets the information. As the kids get older, fewer and fewer things make it out of the backpack and into mom's hands. Unless mom thinks to ask or goes through the backpack every day, that is. By the time the kids get into Middle School and High School, the odds of getting any information about school go way down. Most items go into the backpack at school, never to be seen again. Field trip permission slips get pulled out as the kid is walking out the door to leave for school - "I need this signed. It's due today!" Report cards come in the mail, otherwise we'd never see them.

Cory brought me the band letter with all the payment dates on it - after I found out about it from another mom. He also finally gave me the pep band schedule, so maybe I'll make it to a basketball game or two to hear the band play.


  1. How frustrating. I'd be too tempted to give them a taste of their medicine: "how long did you have that permission slip in your backpack? well that's how long I'll wait until I sign it, who cares if the field trip is today" hahahahahaha - maybe it's a good thing I don't have kids yet :-0


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