Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Check Out These Fun Glasses

We added vision coverage to our insurance for next year. We've never had that before, so we always had to pay for our eye exams and glasses out of our own pocket. Even though I know it's important to get my eyes checked and get new glasses every couple of years, that's part of the reason I put it off. That, and actually making an appointment and taking the time to go do it.

This last year I learned about Zenni Optical and really wanted to try ordering some eyeglasses from them. They sell direct to the consumer with no middleman, so their prices are really reasonable. Prices start at $8, which is really hard to believe when I'm used to a couple hundred. That's also why they can offer an entire collection of Holiday frames. Glasses don't just have to be practical at these prices. You can have several pairs for different occasions, sort of like shoes. You can get them to match any outfit!

I like this red pair here. They're still quite basic because I haven't quite gotten into the habit of thinking of glasses as fashion statements or accessories. There are some other ones that are really a lot of fun. These come in black too, so I'm getting pretty wild by going for the red, don't you think? With our new vision care insurance, I'll have to make the time for that eye exam so I can finally order a pair or two of new glasses.

Check out the selection from Zenni and see if you can't find a pair or two you'd like. Shipping is only $4.95 no matter how many pairs you order.

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