Friday, December 26, 2008

Learning Study Skills

Your child's success in school is strongly tied to his or her Study Skills. Most schools don't teach study skills. I think that's a shame, because the purpose of school should be to teach students how to learn instead of simply asking them to memorize a bunch of facts they're most likely going to forget. Students simply go to class, do homework and take tests. Some students do well, some don't. Those who don't do well in school may just not understand why they need to learn this stuff. After all, they're never going to use it in real life. You've heard that before, haven't you?

Or maybe with just a little guidance, those same students can discover their own individual learning style and the best strategies to learn and comprehend their school lessons. I'm a Visual Learner, something I didn't consciously realize until I was out of school. For me that means, as long as I can read the book, I can usually figure it out. But some people need to hear it and some need to actually do something in order to learn.

Club Z! tutors can help your child learn these skills now so he or she can begin doing better in school. Club Z! offers one on one tutoring in the comfort of your own home. They offer tutoring for students Pre-K through 12th grade and adults in all core subjects. They also help with standardized test prep, so it might be worth looking into to get Cory ready for the ACT, which he is going to have to take before too long. Club Z! tutors have helped over 100,000 students improve their grades, raise their test scores, and build their academic self-confidence.

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