Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Movies at Home

We really enjoy watching movies. Sometimes, when a new movie comes out, we go see it in the theater, but mostly we watch movies at home. The kids watch a lot of movies on their computers, but on the weekends we usually end up watching at least one movie together as a family. Sometimes we go downstairs to the basement and watch movies on the big screen - we've got a projector and screen down there. Other times we just stay upstairs and watch them on the TV. I usually have to pop some popcorn first, because movies and popcorn just seem to go together, at least for me.

We either buy DVDs or borrow them from the library. Of course, if we get them from the library, it usually takes a while to get them because there is almost always a huge waiting list. And sometimes I forget to get on the waiting list. For instance, I'll see a movie advertised and think I'd really like to see that, and then by the time it comes out on DVD, I'll have forgotten about it. I keep meaning to make a list.

Here's a movie I'm adding to the list - All Roads Lead Home The Movie. I was wondering if I had missed it in theaters because I watched the trailer and thought it looked like a movie we'd really enjoy, but I don't remember ever hearing about it before. It looks like it was only in limited theaters and nowhere around here, so we wouldn't have had the chance to go see it. It does come out on DVD January 13th, so we'll be able to watch it then. It's close enough that I should remember to put it on my list of movies to see, too.

Watch the trailer and see if this doesn't sound like something your family would like:

I figure if the trailer made me cry and laugh out loud, then the movie ought to be pretty good. It looks like one of those movies that leaves you feeling good, after first overcoming some obstacles. We always seem to like those.


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  1. I'm not big on movies because I get into things too much. I remember how mad I was @ Poor Hubby for making me watch "Eight Below" & "The Notebook." I don't like watching something I know will upset me. If I must watch a movie, I prefer horror because it's so obviously not real.


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