Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pancakes for Breakfast

Since Jeffrey doesn't have to work today, we slept in and then had pancakes for breakfast.  I think I have my sourdough pancake recipe figured out now.  Actually, I had it.  I wrote it all down on the printed recipe, but now I can't find it.  How do things just happen to disappear around here?  That's why I'm trying to get all the recipes I don't want to lose onto my computer and posted to my new recipe blog.  That way, if they're somewhere in the computer memory or on the Internet, I should be able to find them again.  That's the hope, anyway.  I'm also making printable pages for all the recipes, so other people can print them out and use them, or so I can print them out and lose them again.

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  1. Pancakes? My wife insisted that I make crepes. I've actually become somewhat accustomed to them lately, but I think I still like pancakes or waffles better.


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