Thursday, December 11, 2008

Because We Need You To

Image taken by me on March 5, 2007.Image via WikipediaCory came home yesterday with some permission slips that needed signed. He's got a field trip today and tomorrow. He's part of a group at school that writes and performs little skits for the younger students in the district. Last year their theme was 'Bullying' and they performed skits to help the kids understand how to handle bullying. They haven't picked a theme for this year, but it will be something similar.

Today and tomorrow they are meeting with other similar groups to work on techniques and develop skits. It's an all day workshop both days, and they have to get to school early so they can leave at 7:30, and they won't get back until after school. This morning it wasn't a problem because Cory had to be at school by 7am for Jazz Band anyway. This morning I told Beth that she will need to be ready a little early tomorrow so she can get Cory to school by 7:30 - they usually leave here around 7:30 and get to school about 7:45. She was not very happy about it. At all. But really, it doesn't make sense for me to make a special trip over to school and back when she's driving anyway. Sometimes the privilege of having a car to drive comes with responsibilities, too. Sometimes she just needs to do something because we need her to.

At least I told her this morning, so she has all day to think about it and get used to the idea.
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  1. She should think about it this way. Only one car would drive to the school that day. It would leave early enough for Cory to make it on time. Either she drove it, or not :-0 Older sibling can be such a pain sometimes! ;-)

  2. I love that! I'll have to tell her that's how it works. We already had the discussion at the beginning of the school year when she seemed to think her brother should ride the bus to school. Just because she was driving to school didn't mean she had to give him a ride, too - or so she thought.

    Silly girl. She'll come around. She usually does, but you have to give her time to get used to the idea.


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